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About VIP Membership

Nightlyfe TV is more than a TV channel, it is a way of life, Night Life for that matter. And the best way to fully enjoy the total Nightlyfe TV experience is with VIP Membership. Exclusive Videos, Nightlyfe Radio, Dedicated TV Content, Alternate Camera Views for Live Broadcasts, Special Promotions, Featured Contests, Exclusive Party & Taping Invites, Newsletter, Podcasts, RSS Feeds, VIP Message Board in Forums, Newsletter, and more.

For less than the price of a drink a month, you can enjoy all these benefits for an entire year, and help Nightlyfe TV grow!

yeah…it pays to be a member
The Process

Nightlyfe TV has partnered with Memberful to securely process VIP Memberships.

  1. The first thing you need to do is select the VIP Membership package and proceed with registration & payment.
  2. Upon Completion, you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Your VIP Membership automatically registers you on the Nightly TV website as well.
  4. Once a VIP Member, you can now login for enhanced access and account editing.
  5. VIP Members will have access to exclusive content and event registrations as well as other member benefits.
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