Showcasing world renowned DJ's, underground house legends and popular DJ's in their respective genres. Watch Now Sessions Fine beats, dancing and DJ action live from the best club scenes around the country. Watch Now Live @ the Club A more intimate experience direct from some of the best underground house scenes. Watch Now The Underground The best way to fully enjoy the total Nightlyfe TV experience is with VIP Membership. Learn More VIP Membership

Sundown Smith is back with another Afrosoul Vibes Mix.  A great selection of awesome new and older tracks spanning that African/Latin diaspora. Hope y’all like it. Sundown Smith aka Kingsley Flowz. Listen to the Soundcloud “Audio Only” version here:



Sessions features the finest DJ performances from around the globe in House, Tech, EDM, Drum & Bass, Downtempo, and Hip Hop. At the Nightlyfe TV Studios or out in location, this no frills program takes you straight into the mix. Showcasing world renowned DJ’s, underground house legends and popular DJ’s in their respective genres.


Nightlyfe TV Update


Initially, Nightlyfe TV looked to become a cable channel, but the shifting dynamic of the industry and the fact we can best serve our audience online has allowed us to shave off some programming and concepts that aren’t ideal for online consumption, in both production and value. This means that several shows have now been put on hiatus and others have been merged into one cohesive production.


With the recent channel updates and reshuffle, Sessions now incorporate some videos from the show playlists of Live @ the ClubThe Underground and  all the videos from the former show Scene Fridays. Going forward, all DJ Performances and Recordings will be housed under the Sessions Program. The Underground will continue to showcase event videos that primarily feature the overall ambience, dancing and audience participation from smaller and more intimate venues.


Live @ the Club will now truly hold up to its name and focus on capturing live streams from selected venues on a regular basis.

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