About Us

Your Guide to the other 9-5
Dedicated to all the passions of night life. Clubs, bars, lounges, restaurants, and any and all hip and trendy venues. Insightful interviews, profiles, music, style, features on drinks and beverages, as well as DJ Performances and industry issues. Nightlyfe TV will become the premiere night life television channel catering to a young vibrant metropolitan crowd.

Nightlyfe TV is going to be a national channel, with an emphasis on the top 20 metropolitan areas in the United States with content appealing to a wide variety of tastes. Dance Music (in all its forms) will take a prominent stage in this channel, giving coverage to a widely popular but severely under-covered genre nationally. Nightlyfe TV will be primarily shot in HD and will debut with a collection of original productions, along with featured events and live streams. The emphasis here will be on delivering content to an already eager audience of night life aficionado’s as well as finally providing a TV network that does justice to the totality of the night life experience in a stylish and sophisticated manner.

The combination of all these elements will make for an online television channel that will immediately become widely popular, finally giving voice to an industry and areas that dominates the other 50% of our conscious lives. Nightlyfe TV relaunched online and on YouTube in 2019. We have rebranded our concept and overhauled our productions to better fit a captive online audience.

Nightlyfe TV Update


Initially, Nightlyfe TV looked to become a cable channel, but the shifting dynamic of the industry and the fact we can best serve our audience online has allowed us to shave off some programming and concepts that aren’t ideal for online consumption, in both production and value. This means that several shows have now been put on hiatus and others have been merged into one cohesive production.


With the recent channel updates and reshuffle, Sessions now incorporate some videos from the show playlists of Live @ the ClubThe Underground and  all the videos from the former show Scene Fridays. Going forward, all DJ Performances and Recordings will be housed under the Sessions Program. The Underground will continue to showcase event videos that primarily feature the overall ambience, dancing and audience participation from smaller and more intimate venues.


Live @ the Club will now truly hold up to its name and focus on capturing live streams from selected venues on a regular basis.