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Sunday Brunch - Episode 2
January 7, 2017

Artist & Track

  1. Bassti - Warm But Cold
  2. Beatboxbandit - One Last Thing
  3. Birocratic - Boys' Bop
  4. Birocratic - Lovely Rita
  5. Bluntone - The Whut
  6. Bonus Points - Hammock Days
  7. B-Side - Patience
  8. deeB - Theme From Endless Sunset
  9. Floppy Circus - Better Days To Come
  10. Juan RIOS - Noche
  11. Mecca:83 - Foundation
  12. Moose Dawa - Menti
  13. Pabzzz - Together
  14. QSTN - Me 2 You
  15. Tesk - Datswing
  16. White Lights - VR Helmet

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about the show

The perfect Sunday morning program for the night life aficionado. Featuring, chill-out, downtempo, chill, Jazzhop and and ambient music blended with some feature segments. After a night of partying and such, its a great way to ease into and relax on Sundays.

We are still working on the format and setup, so enjoy these coimpilations in the meanwhile.

For inquiries and questions as well as music submission considerations, email us with at:

about the host

Nightlyfe TV has now begun looking for On-Air talent for this show. All show host are paid on a per/show basis and as such, are free to pursue other activities unless they are in direct competition with the Nightlyfe TV.

  • Based in Philadelphia
  • Some travel required
  • Looking for 1 host
  • Ages 23-35
  • previous television work not required

Please email all Resumes/Credentials to the following email: