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J.C. Hanna & Angelica Hanna
@ D'vine Hookah Lounge WMC 2015


Nightlyfe TV Sessions is pleased to present J.C. Hanna & Angela Hanna at the "2nd Annual Full House Sessions Miami Edition" event held at D'vine Hookah Lounge, Thursday March 26, during the 2015 Winter Music Conference. Special cameo appearance by Jonn Halwey. Special thanks to Full House Digital Recordings and the folks at D'vine Hookah Lounge for allowing Nightlyfe TV to come in and film this event all day. USA, LLC
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Sessions will feature the finest DJ performances from around the globe in House, Tech, EDM, Drum & Bass, Downtempo, and Hip Hop. At the Nightlyfe TV Studios or out in location, this no frills program takes you straight into the mix. Showcasing world renowned DJ's, underground house legends and popular DJ's in their respective genres.

Whenever possible, we will also include the playlist for an enhanced experience along with multiple camera angles and views.

If you would like to be featured on sessions, please feel free to contact us at for consideration.

Updates To Sessions

With the recent channel updates and reshuffle, Sssions now includes videos from the former show The Underground and Scene Fridays. Going forward, all DJ Performances and Recordings will be housed under the Sessions Program.