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Scene Fridays - Title Video
The short title video for the upcoming show


This shows is scheduled to commence production Fall 2015 with the premiere episode around the same time. Look out for short promo vidoes announcing the hosts and programming.

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about the show

Scene Fridays will be our showcase program for the best EDM, Progressive, Drum'n Bass, Tribal, UK Garage, Dubstep and other genres of Harder Electronic Dance Music with a views on providing a more intimate vibe in smaller locations and an emphasis on the DJ performances and atmosphere. We've got The undergorund for House Music, so it's time to provide a home for these genres where the talent, ambition and dedication to the craft by the dj's shines thorugh.

For inquiries and questions, and/or considerations, email us with at:

dj's & venues

We are specifically looking for HEDM, Progressive, Drum'n Bass, Tribal, UK Garage, Dubstep j events a t boutiqee and smaller venues. Nightlyfe TV is looking to shot at venus that can accomodate 1 camera behind the DJ booth and another capturing the crowd If you are a promoter (with an event), DJ, or venue that would like to be featured in this show, please send your info and bio to for consideration.