August 10, 2017
Category: Announcement
Nightlyfe TV Update

The start of a beautiful thing

Nightlyfe TV will begin a full schedule of production and content fall 2017. To that end we have taken some time to further tightren the focus of the channel and reshuffle a few shows around in order to bring you the best possible content. We plan on offering a more suitable selection of shows and content that best represent what we want to achieve in the forseeable future.

Creating a better experience

Initially, Nightlyfe TV looked to become a cable channel, but the shiftingh dynamic of the industry and the fact we can best serve our audience online has allowed us to shave off some programming and concepts that aren't idael for online consumption, in both production and value. This means that several shows have now been put on hiatus and others have been merged into one cohesive production.

DJ & Live Performances

Sessions will now be the go-to channel for most DJ mixes and live performance recordings. This means that, The Underground, Scene Fridays and the previous incarnation of Live @ The Club have now all been folded into one overall show.

Live @ The Club

Live @ the Club will now truly hold up to its name and focus and capture live streams from selected venues on a weekly basis. This will be more than just with several cameras and multiple angles. We have partnered with YouTube and will use their live streaming platform for this show.

Programs on Hiatus

The following shows have been put on Hiatus or discontinued until further notice. DJ Tech, Clubland, Cityscape, Happy Hour, Music Nation, Nite2Day, Real Advice, Sights, Scene Fridays, and the Underground. Most of these would have been ideally suited for Cable channel but seem unfit for an online channel, and a few others have been folded into exisitng channels.