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Essentials - Title Video
The short title video for the upcoming show


This shows is scheduled to commence production Fall 2017 with the premiere episode around the same time. Look out for short promo vidoes announcing the host and programming.

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about the show

Essentials is a showcase of the latest products, gadgets, styles and stuff that appeal to your needs and tastes.

Unveiling a new phone, talking about a new line of clothes, a fragrance review, watches, shoes, electronics, you name it. If its current we'll bring it to you.

Essentials is interested in featuring any cutting edge gadgets, productsand accessories, along with any other interesting prodocts that speak to a vibrant night life geared audience. For inquiries and questions, and/or consideration for your product showcase, email us with at:

about the host(s)

Nightlyfe TV has now begun looking for On-Air talent for this show. All show host are paid on a per/show basis and as such, are free to pursue other activities unless they are in direct competition with the Nightlyfe TV. When sending us your info, please include any links to videos and/or work done. If you have not done any work professionally, please include a link to a quick video showcasing yourself. ONLY SUBMISSIONS WITH VIDEOS WILL BE CONSIDERED.

TV Show Host - Essentials
  • Based in Philadelphia
  • Some travel throughout the Country
  • Looking for 1 host
  • Ages 23-35
  • previous television work not required (but a plus)

Please email all Resumes/Credentials to the following email: